FS S5810-28TS vs. Aruba JL253A: Picking the Right One

In the context of today’s rapidly growing Internet, it is of great importance to pick a switch that can meet your exact demands of smooth connection, effective performance, and reliable security. Two hot choices on the market are FS S5810-28TS and Aruba JL253A. Both of them provide a variety of features and benefits, which makes choosing between them difficult. In this post, FS S5810-28TS and Aruba JL253A are compared from several respects, hoping to help you choose the right product.

FS S5810-28TS vs. Aruba JL253A

FS S5810-28TS vs. Aruba JL253A

Performance and Features

FS S5810-28TS and Aruba JL253A, as two similar network switches, bring excellent performance and manifold features. FS S5810-28TS aggregation switch is a managed Layer 3 multiservice switch with 24x 1G RJ45 downlinks, 4x 10G SFP+ uplinks, and 4x 1G RJ45/SFP Combo, offering high-speed connectivity for challenging network situations. Layer 3 features such as RIP, OSPF, VRRP etc., are supported by S5810-28TS, providing efficient routing and switching. As for Aruba JL253A, it is a 24-port 1GbE and 4-port SFP+ switch which also offers advanced features such as support for RIP, QsS, OSPF etc. Overall, both of them support advanced protocols and features like VRRP, QoS, link aggregation and so on.


When it comes to selecting a 1G switch, scalability is a critical factor to consider since it’s an ability to scale up and downsize operations to accommodate to the future, and help businesses maximize their benefits. FS S5810-28TS supports virtual stacking of 8 units and link aggregation, enabling you to expand your network as needed and simplify management by combining numerous switches into one virtual resilient unit. Similarly, Aruba JL253A supports its own Virtual Stacking Framework (VSF) that allows for the stacking of up to 8 switches, allowing you to manage and configure multiple switches as one virtual device too.

Reliability and Redundancy

Today’s Internet requires reliability and stability more than ever before. It is of great significance to find a switch with remarkable reliability and redundancy to ensure uninterrupted operations. FS S5810-28TS is packed with 2 redundant hot-swappable AC power supplies, 3 redundant variable-speed axial fans, and a cutting-edge Broadcom chip for enhanced processing performance and network reliability. With the redundancy ensured by hot-swappable power supplies, the backup can immediately play its role without turning off the system or shutting off the power. In terms of reliability and redundancy, Aruba JL253A is equipped with one built-in power and fixed fans. While Aruba JL253A may not offer the same level of redundant hardware as FS, it can provide easy-to-configure link redundancy with its SmartLink. Both ethernrt switches offer reliability and redundancy options for the network operations, but FS S5810-28TS supports two hot-swappable power supplies, further enhancing its redundancy capabilities.


Efficient management and monitoring features are significant for simplifying network management and improving troubleshooting capabilities, to greatly enhance your network efficiency. FS S5810-28TS provides a unified control center Airware designed to simplify the deployment and maintenance of FS wired and wireless devices, offering users a one-stop management platform to configure anywhere and anytime. It also supports WEB, SNMP, SSH, etc. for flexible operation. On the other hand, Aruba Central cloud-based management platform and AirWave on Aruba JL253A offer a simple and secure way to manage switches. Both switches provide a centralized management platform aiming to make your network configuration and management more efficient.


Cybersecurity is a top priority for today’s organizations. Network switches play a critical role in securing a local area network by facilitating traffic segmentation, access control, and monitoring capabilities. FS S5810-28TS is designed and built to ensure network security at both hardware level and the protocol level. It supports Secure Shell (SSH), Access Control Lists (ACL), AAA, RADIUS, TACACS+, DHCP snooping for secure access control. S5810-28TS also supports hardware CPU protection mechanism to ensure the smooth functioning and security of CPU. Aruba JL253A also supports protocols for security such as ACL, RADIUS, TACACS+ and it also has its own Control Plane Policing to protect CPU overload from DOS attacks. In terms of security, FS S5810-28TS and Aruba JL253A both provide a robust and comprehensive set of protocols and features that safeguard network and data security.

Support & Warranty

Reliable support and warranty are concerned by customers since everyone hopes to receive timely responses and support when their products encounter issues. FS S5810-28TS enjoy 5 years limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. What’s more, FS provides a personal account manager, free professional technical support, and 24/5 live customer service for each customer. If you run into problems when installing or using your gigabit switch, you can get instant assistance from FS’s specialists. As for Aruba JL253A, it offers a limited lifetime product warranty varying from different products. You can also select the right level of support according to your specific demand to ensure business continuity. S5810-28TS and JL253A can both give you satisfactory after-sale experience.


Price is the one of the prioritized factors that many businesses would consider when choosing a switch. Comprehensively, FS offers more competitive pricing, making FS S5810-28TS an appealing choice for business organizations on a budget. It brings reliable products of high quality to customers at reasonable prices. However, Aruba JL253A tends to have a higher price partly because of its advanced features and brand reputation. Despite their difference in pricing, both switches deliver remarkable performance and satisfying experience, making them worthwhile for organizations.

Here is a table comparing the specifications of FS S5810-28TS and Aruba JL253A:

SpecificationFS S5810-28TSAruba JL253A
Ports24x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45, 4x 1G RJ45/SFP Combo | 4x 1G/10G SFP+24x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45, 4x 1G/10G SFP+
Switching Capacity136 Gbps128 Gbps
Forwarding Rate102 Mpps95.2 Mpps
Power Supply2 (1+1 Redundancy) Hot-swappable1 Built-in
Fan3 (2+1 Redundancy) Built-in3 Built-in
AC/DC Power SupplyACAC
CostVaries (around US$1,200)Varies (around US$1,500)


If you prioritize ports, redundancy, and a balance between performance and cost, FS S5810-28TS can be a suitable gigabit switch for you. It offers combo ports, reliable performance, manifold features, and competitive price.On the other hand, if you require more optional after-sale serive, comprehensive management capabilities, and are willing to invest in a well-established brand, Aruba JL253A may suit you. It delivers more options on choosing the after-sale support you want, enhanced security, and a comprehensive management suite.To conclude, the decision between FS S5810-28TS and Aruba JL253A should be made based on your specific needs and priorities. You are recommended to evaluate your networking demands, contact the customer service of both brands when necessary, and then weigh which switch you should buy.