Panduit Fiber Optic Enclosure and FS.COM Fiber Optic Enclosure

Not so long ago, fiber optic communication came into people’s life and provided us with great convenience. Its advantages could be found in such aspects as long transmission distance, large capacity and fast transmission speed. Therefore, the demand of fiber optic products like fiber optic transceiver, fiber optic patch panel and fiber optic enclosures has been soaring these years. But the products on the market are miscellaneous. Today, we will have a closer look at the two major fiber optic enclosure manufactures, namely Panduit and FS.COM. Panduit fiber optic enclosure and FS.COM fiber optic enclosure, which will you choose?

Comparisons of Fiber Optic Enclosures in Panduit and FS.COM

Panduit is a global manufacturer of physical infrastructure equipment that support power, communications, computing, control, and security systems. FS.COM (Fiberstore) is a leading global high performance end-to-end cabling and connectivity solutions provider which provides a complete portfolio of products and solutions.

Focusing on three groups including rack mount fiber enclosure, wall mount fiber enclosure and enclosure accessory(fiber optic cassette for example) which are all applied in 1U cable managemet, I have summarized several critical items that are most concerned by customers in the following table.

Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

Items FS.COM Panduit
Products FHD-1UFCE Fiber Enclosure FCE1U Enclosure
Fiber Count ≤96 Fibers ≤96 Fibers
Type Rack Mountable Rack Mountable
Price ≈89$ ≈289$

Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure

Items FS.COM Panduit
Products FHD-FWME2 Fiber Optic Wall Mount Enclosure FWME2 Enclosure
Fiber Count ≤48 Fibers Unknown
Type Wall Mountable Wall Mountable
Price ≈60$ ≈116$

Fiber Optic Cassette—Enclosure Accessory

Items FS.COM Panduit
Products MTP-12 Ultra High Density MPO/MTP Cassette FC26N-12-10AS
Fiber Count 12 Fibers 12 Fibers
11.3x92x171.2mm 35 x 89 x 125mm
Price ≈72$ ≈293.4$

Panduit Fiber Optic Enclosure or FS.COM Fiber Optic Enclosure

Seen from the clear data and information about 2 pairs of fiber optic enclosures form FS.COM and Panduit, we can distinguish that there is a large gap between the product price and fiber count. The price, a significant factor that influence purchase, is greatly different from each manufactures. Fiber count of the roughly same products are also different, with FS.COM products outnumbering Panduit ones.

And the enclosure accessories provided by FS.COM cater to various needs. They have different fiber counts, connector types, and adapter types, and minimum insertion and return loss.

Price, and fiber count, the top three considerations of purchasers when looking for the ideal products, have been analyzed in the type of table and text for your reference.


When it comes to the choice between Panduit fiber optic enclosure and FS.COM fiber optic enclosure, you should figure out your own requirements to determine which to buy. The renowned Panduit and FS.COM both have their own reasons for each progress and designing. At FS.COM, we offer lifetime warranty and limited warranty for different products varying on the materials, workmanship, usage rate, and the availability of the spare parts for each product. And the relatively reasonable price is also the reason why so many people choose FS.COM. As a company born and grew in China, FS.COM grows with and by people. And it returns people with high quality and best service.

All above are some of my personal opinions and conclusions. The thinking and words just represent my own idea, if you find out any unreasonable, please forgive me and your ideas will be appreciated.