Some Structions of CWDM From Fiberstore

We all know that there is a type of WDM called CWDM, which has a 20 nm channel spacing. And the channel spacing is so wide because it is designed for non temperature controlled laser transmitters. The passbands for CWDM typically must be wide and flat with a bandwidth greater than 14 nm. The band multiplexer is a good way to make a CWDM de/multiplexer. The Figure show me that a waveguide a layout for an 8 channel cwdm multiplexer¬†and the measured response. Because the channel spacing is so wide, the AWG grating orders are vary small and having unequal path lengths in the AWL, adds a negligible amount of chromatic dispersion (allowing one to use a “U” shape for the AWL, making it more compact). Thus, the AWGs take on a “W” shape, and the AWL takes on a “U” shape. A highly compact silica waveguide PLC 4 channel CWDM multiplexer made using a completely different technique, a two dimensional reflective hologram.


Transparent CWDM MUX/DEMUX EQUIPMENT is typically passive (not powered). Passive devices cannot generate or repeat optical signals. Additionally, IOAs operate in a small wavelength range that overlaps only three CWDM signals. Some CWDM signals are unaffected by IOAs, so each CWDM span must terminate at a distance determined by the unamplified signals. Therefore, no benefit is realized by amplifying any of the CWDM signals. This means that all optical signals loss introduces by CWDM mux/demux equipment, splices, connectors, and the fiber must be subtracted from the launch power of the colored GBIC/SFP installed in the client.

CWDM can be used by enterprise on leased dark fiber to increase capacity (for example, from 1Gbps to 8 Gbps or 16 Gbps) over metro area distance. One problem with CWDM is that the wavelengths are not compatible with erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) technology, which amplifies all light signals within their frequency range.


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