How to Choose A Network Interface Card

Network interface card the full name of NIC, which can be also called network card, network adapter, the basic component of the LAN networks to connect the computer and the network hardware equipments. Whether it is twisted pair connection, coaxial cable, or fiber connections, it must be with the help of the network card to implement the data communication. The connection type of the network interface card can be either optical or electrical. Optical interface are generally via the fiber optic cable for data transmission, transceiver module for which is usually GBIC or SFP module, with LC, MTRJ, or SC connector.

Fiber Ethernet card is mainly used in fiber optic Ethernet communications technology. The fiber optic Ethernet network card can provide fast and reliable Ethernet connection for users computer, especially suitable for the transmission distance exceed the Cat5 cable access distance (100m). It can completely replace the current commonly used network construction that using RJ45 connector Ethernet card external connect the photoelectric converter. The network interface card provides a reliable fiber-to-the-home and fiber to the desktop solution. Users can choose the its parameters according to the application occasion including its connector types, single or multi-mode fibers, working distance, etc.

pci card

Correct choosing, connecting, and set up the network interface card is essential for a good network connection. Then let’s discuss what should be taken into considerations when choosing the right fiber optic network card.

First, you should know what type of network you are using. What are popular now are Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI network and more. Select the corresponding card for your network type.

Second, take the transmission rate into consideration. Based on bandwidth requirements of server or workstation combined with the physical transmission medium that provided maximum transfer rate to select the transmission rate of the network card. Take Ethernet for example, the speed option are variety including 10Mbps, 10/100Mbps, 1000Mbps, even 10Gbps. It is not true that the higher the more appropriate. For example, it is a waste to configure a computer that linked with the 100M twisted pair with a 1000M card, which can be at most achieve a transmission rate of only 100M.

Third, pay attention to the bus type. Servers and workstations typically use the PCI, PCI-X or PCI-E bus intelligent card, the PC is basically no longer supported by the ISA connector, so when you purchase network card for you PC, do not buy the outdated ISA network card, what you should choose is the PCI-X and PCI-E or PCI card

Fourth, you should also consider the connector type that the NIC supports. The network card finally needs to be connected with the network, so it must be with a fiber optic connector to link with other computer network equipment. Different network interface is suitable for different network types. Common used connector types are Ethernet RJ45 connector, LC, FC, SC connector.

Finally, you should take the cost and brand into consideration, because different rates, different brands of the NIC card, the prices of them are surely greatly differ from each other. If you want to know the detail information of the PCI Card, you can go to visit FiberStore official website.