How Does A Fiber Optic Connector Work

Fiber connector, also known as live joints, is a passive device can be repeatedly used for connecting two fiber or fiber optic cables to form a continuous light path. It has been widely used in applications of fiber optical transmission lines, fiber optical distribution frame and fiber optical test equipments, is currently the most used fiber passive device.

FC APC Polish Single-mode 9/125 Simplex 0.9mm Boot Size Fiber Optic Connector

General Structure Of Fiber Optic Connector

Fiber connector is designed to realize the connection of fiber. Now fiber connectors are widely used in fiber optical communication systems as the connector. They are in various types and with different structures. But the basic structure of the various types of fiber optic connectors are the same, that is, the most fiber optic connectors generally use high precision components (consists by two pins and a coupling tube) to realize fiber alignment connection.

The method is that the fiber to penetrate and fixed in the pin, and the pin surface polishing treatment, in the coupling tube to achieve alignment. The outer components of the pins made of metal or nonmetal materials. The butt end of pin must be grinded, the other end usually uses bend limiting components to support the fiber or fiber optical cable to release stress. Coupling tube is made of a cylindrical member fastening in synthesis, made of ceramic or bronze materials, more equipped with a metal or plastic flange, to easily install the fiber optic connectors. In order to accurately align the fiber, it is high demand to the processing precision of pins and coupling tube.

Main Types Of Fiber Optic Connectors

According to the different classification methods, fiber optic connectors can be divided into different types. According to the different transmission media, fiber connectors can be divided into single-mode and multimode fiber optic connectors. According to the different structures, fiber connectors can be divided into various types like FC, SC, ST, D4 , DIN, Biconic, MU, LC, MT, etc. According to the pin end surface of the connector, they can be divided into FC, PC (UPC) and APC. According to the number of fiber cores, fiber connectors can be divided into single-core and multi-core fiber optic connectors. In common life, we generally follow the different structures of fiber optic connectors to distinguish.

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