Benefits From Waterproof Cables

Abrasion, vibration and impact damage, extreme temperatures, moisture ingress, chemical vapours and even fire retardancy will deeply damage your wiring cables. To solve this problem, fiber optic cable manufacturers have developed lots of special cables and cable assemblies for these applications. Such as waterproof cables designed for moisture environment, lszh(low smoke zero halogen or low smoke halogen free) cable provides protection from fire, which is not that easy to catch fire, etc.

Many of these cables have been designed and formulated to withstand the long term effects of being immersed in aqueous fluids of different kinds. They have been constructed using special insulation and jacket extrusions, and a variety of tapes, fillers and other compounds help prevent water from penetrating the cables. These materials are designed to absorb and swell so in the event that a cable is accidentally damaged, the point of entry will swell thus blocking and therefore preventing any water penetration.

In environments where additional protection is needed from moisture ingress, thorough water-proofing of an assembly can be achieved with the use of IP rated parts. Aside from preventing moisture ingress, waterproofed assemblies offer protection from abrasion, impact and heat damage and are ideal for application where units are exposed to extreme weather or high humidity either inside or outside. Waterproof cables are easily defined as any type of cable which can withstand being immersed in water. They can be seen in aquariums such as marine and tropical fish tanks where they are used to power the heaters and pumps and other various pieces of important equipment which is used in the running and maintenance of the aquarium. They have a wide variety of applications and may be used in saltwater, freshwater, solvents or even chemicals.

Waterproof cables are also used to power remotely operated underwater vehicles, which is a tethered underwater robot. These underwater robots are tethered or linked to a ship by a group of cables that carry electrical power, video and data signals to and from the ship. Many of these remote vehicles will also use hydraulic as well as electrical cabling.

Waterproof cables are used in communication, and a submarine communications cable is a cable which is laid beneath the sea to carry telecommunications between countries. They are very widely used in many different applications and even cables that run underground have to be waterproofed in some way. Waterproof cables are used in many different industries for various different applications.

Each installer wants to protect the cable as best as possible. There are a huge variety in the types of cables to choose from. Whether that might be a plastic, armored fiber optic cable or corning optical cable(cables from Corning), there are plenty of benefits in purchasing waterproof cables.