The Next Generation MPO Based Multimode Fiber Architecture

For high density fiber environment, such as data center SAN and backbone implementation, the combination of the 12 fiber MPO fiber connector and factory terminated assembly is a great solution. The cable diameter is small and the architecture doesn’t limit network design flexibility, application distance, reliability, or number of connections.

MPO is compatible ribbon fiber connectors based on MT ferrule which allow quick and reliable connection for up to 12 fibers. It is manufactured specially for multi-fiber loose tube or fiber optic ribbon cable. Up to 12 fibers in a ribbon are stripped to 125um cladding and inserted into 250um spaced parallel grooves. The MPO enables you to connect many fibers in a snap, but it is not easy to terminate 12 fibers in one rectangular housing. Thanks to the appearance of pre-terminated cable assemblies, with 12 pre-terminated fibers, MTP brand cable is easily connected up to 12 different ports by a simple plug-in, which significantly saved the time to get the revenue-generation applications up and actually generating revenue much faster.

The typical fiber application runs on duplex fiber, one TX and one RX, making the multi-fiber backbones must be broken out into duplex connections on either end. With pre-terminated modules and fan-out assemblies, the task is accomplished easily. Once installed, the solution appears and behaves just like a well-planned duplex system. What’s more, with the correct MPO architecture, people will no longer worry about those dreaded polarity issues – TX will always go to RX. And the days of trouble-shooting by flipping path cable polarity may disappear forever!

As we know, new 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet standards are based on parallel optics using the 12 fiber MPO connector as the equipment interface. It is very convenient and cost-effective the MPO
architecture can easily migrate to these new high-speed applications. Provide you’v chosen the right keying approach (TIA method B). When the equipment starts showing up with MPO interfaces, simply remove the module for fan-out, use those somewhere else at your side, and connect to the equipment with a 12 fiber MPO patch cords. You can even do a full cross-connect if you like ue structured cabling around 12-fiber increments.

In the end, recommend a good place to buy the MPO architecture products FS.COM, one good fibre optic cable manufacturers, from which you can by a wide range of MTP/MPO products including MTP/MPO connectors, MTP/MPO cassettes and many types of trunk cable assemblies. Many additional options and combinations are available and all multi fiber optic cables are customizable.