25G SFP28 Transceivers for Data Center and Enterprise Applications

With the rapid expansion of data centers, faster speed and higher bandwidth are required for better experience. To meet the demands, data center operators are now turning to 25G Ethernet technology. 25G SFP28 transceivers, as high-bandwidth data switching fiber optics, play an important role in 25G fiber-optic communication systems. This article will reveal the 25G SFP28 transceivers for data center and enterprise applications.

What Is the Definition and Type of 25G SFP28 Transceiver?

25G SFP28 transceiver is the enhanced version of SFP+, which is designed for 25G signal transmission. It has the same physical structure as SFP and SFP+, but its electrical interface is upgraded to handle 25Gbps per lane. Therefore, the pinouts of SFP28 and SFP+ connectors are compatible. Compared to SFP+ optics, SFP28 has higher bandwidth, superior impedance control, and less crosstalk. 25G SFP28 transceiver module can be divided into Short-Range (SR) and Long-Range (LR) transceivers. The SR SFP28 is mainly used with OM3\OM4 multi-mode fibers to transfer data over a short distance (up to 100m), while the LR SFP28 is mainly used with OS2 single-mode fibers for long distance transmission (up to 10 km). 25G SFP 28 DAC/AOC cables are also popular on the market and both used for transmission distance below 30m.

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25G SFP28 Transceivers for Data Center Applications

The data center architecture is undergoing tremendous changes. Previously, the data center mainly composed of 1/10G servers and 1/10/40G EOR-MOR-TOR (End-of-Row, Middle-of-Row, Top-of-Rack) switches. Today, data centers are built using high-performance 10/25G servers and 10/25/40/100G EOR-MOR-TOR switches. Moreover, many data center operators choose SFP28 transceivers with SMF/MMF (Single-Mode Fiber/Multi-Mode Fiber) over SFP28 DAC/AOC (Direct-Attach Cable/Active Optical Cable) cables for 25G cabling solutions. That’s because by using the pluggable modules and fibers, data center operators can easily replace transceivers or upgrade TOR, MOR and EOR switches, servers, and cables without changing the cabling infrastructure.

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25G SFP28 Transceivers for Enterprise Applications

The traditional enterprise network includes workstations, desktop computers, access points or video walls, and local computer rooms. Generally, these networks consist of a building backbone cabling based on IEEE 802.3 MMF 10G-SR or SMF 10G-LR transceivers. Due to the increase in video conferencing and business applications, the enterprise campus traffic continues to grow, requiring faster speed than traditional 10G networks. In response to the needs, the enterprise campus is transforming from a backbone that was based on a 10G network to new high-performance 25G network. Since the 25G SFP28 transceivers are compatible with 10G equipment, it enables the 10G connectivity infrastructure to remain and achieve a seamlessly upgrading from 10G to 25G. The upgrading of the 25G network not only brings higher speed and bandwidth than 10G network but also saves money for the enterprise networks.

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25G SFP28 transceivers enable data centers and enterprises to reach a higher speed, scalability and performance level. To meet your interconnection needs, FS provides a variety of 25G SFP28 transceivers include 25GBASE-SR, 25GBASE-LR, CWDM SFP28 transceivers, 25G DAC/AOC Cables, and 100G QSFP28 to 4x25G SFP28 DAC/AOC cables. For all the transceivers, FS provides a lifetime warranty to ensure product quality and they are all compatible with major brand companies.

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