The development of MPO optic fiber communication systems

In recent years, in order to adapt high speed and large capacity optical fiber communication systems the high density and high efficiency cabling connecting needs, there are two companies in Japan have developed and research in MTO or MTP fiber connectors.

Based on such as high speed and large capacity of DWDM optical fiber communication systems has a large number of using, fiber optic connector is an important part of DWDM technology although in the past single core SC connectors has been widely adopted. And recent years, the demand for multi-fiber high-density connector DWDM system has improved. Now the most popular 8 fiber mtp mpo connector sm optical density is about five times as the SC connectors. Optical fiber connector affect the reliability and the performance of optical transmission system.

When fiber optic cable introduced from outside, fiber optic cable need to be welded in the fiber cassette, is also called terminal box. while for example, fiber optic MPO cassette 12 fibers , with SC,LC,ST, FC connectors, is a highly flexible fiber management unit that can be used stand alone or integrated into the MPO fiber optic patch panels. And before this, MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cord need to connect optical transceiver and terminal box.

The new technology is that high-end pick density of MPO fiber system can increase the number of core optic fiber and the use of fiber optic connectors, no longer just 12 fibers or 24fibers, it might be 72 fibers. Then if we can accurately calculate the length of the fiber optic cable, we will save a lot of time.


MTP/MPO high-density wiring system will be high density optical fiber connector and the ribbon cable in the factory to complete the termination, testing, and equipment at the scene, plug and play, support the rapid deployment, user data center is the increasing data center under the background of high capacity wiring needs ideal solution, with simple installation, construction fast, compact design, high precision, plug and play, etc.

With the improving of the network speed, in terms of optical fiber, correlates twin-core fiber can support MB, gigabit application, but without the use of special coding and agreement, it is difficult to support the 40G and 100G two core optical fiber, and a single channel of 4 core or 10 core optical fiber, 40G and 100G in normal optical fiber communication networks just like the 8 core optical fiber and 20 core optical fiber, it brought more challenge to the traditional data communication , so we will need to use high-density optical fiber. and except that, the important reason is the familiar optical fiber connectors, such as SC, LC no matter from some conclusions and miniaturization can satisfy the high-speed Internet standards are defined in the MDI multi-fiber requirements, and completing single fiber of multi-fiber links live is very difficult, because of a core of unqualified means the whole root is unqualified.

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