10GB Ethernet SFP Cable Configuration Guidelines

The 802.3 ae supplement that initially defined 10 Gigabit Ethernet was adopted in 2002 and recently Cisco to launch a product compliant with IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-SR/SW, Cisco SFP 10G SR, the SFP-10G-SR multi-mode transceiver in Fiberstore is SFP+ module for duplex optical data communications such as 10GBASE-SR and 10GBASE-SW. it is fully compatible with Cisco devices. This module is designed for multi-mode fiber and operates at a nominal wavelength of 850 nm.

The direct attach cables and their SFP module use an electrical signaling interface called SFI, which is defined as the “SFP + high-speed serial electrical interface.” The SFI definition enables 10 Gb/s operation over a single differential signaling path in each direction for a total of two pairs, or four wire connections. The twinax cable includes the two pairs of single-carrying wires in a coaxial cable format, providing high performance and stable signaling over the length of the cable.

The serial link transfers scrambled data at 10.3125 Gbaud to accommodate both data and the overhead associated with 64B/66B coding. The self-clocked nature eliminates skewing between clock and data signals. The SFI link requires a 100 ohm cable impedance, while the signal termination electronics provide both differential and common mode suppression of signal noise and reflections. 10GSFP-PC-30-1-CO series also provides SFP-H10GB-CU1M to compatible 10Gbase-CU SFP+ cable, it can connect SFP+ passive twinax cable assembly, and the length is 1 mete, compliant to SFP+MSA, This cable offers the same function with Cisco SFP-H10GB-CU1M and it is fully compatible with Cisco devices.

The SFP+ MSA specification for direct attach cables note that 10G SFP + CU connections can only be used on systems with common power grounds. The power supplies for the Ethernet switches, and for any computers or other switches that are connected to them over direct attach cables, must themselves be connected to the same local power grid with a common ground between all devices, as a difference in ground potentials between systems connected with DA cables could result in electrical damaged to the interfaces or the devices.

The direct attach cables used in the 10G SFP+CU system come in a limited range of sizes, worth lengths in the range from 0.6m to 7m being the most widely sold. It is up to you to verify which cable lengths are supported by your vendor, and whether the cable can be active or passive. Some vendors support both types of cables on their SFP+ ports, and others do not.

The twinax cable itself is relatively stiff, and many present difficulties if you need to route it through tight spaces. There are two conductors in each twinax cable, with two twinax cables inside a common sheath providing a total of four conductors for signals. As an example, one vendor’s direct attach cable has an outer diameter of 0.180 inches, or roughly 3/16 inch. The minimum bend radius for this cable is one inch. If you bend the cable any tighter than this, it may affect the signal quality.

For optical cable, fiber channel uses the SFP cable. The SFP provides for greater port density and meets the need for smaller connectors than the older SC duplex connector and gigabit interface connector (GBIC). A multi link communication path between two N_ports may be made up of links of different technologies. For example, it may have copper coaxial cable links attached to end ports for short-distance links. with single-mode optical fibers for longer-distance links between switches separated by longer distances. By providing a variety of physical interface options. Fiber channel allows an implementation to select the most appropriate option for a particular scenario.

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