FS N5850-48S6Q vs QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY8 10Gb Bare Metal Switch

As vendors continue to tout networking architectures that decouple software from hardware, bare metal switches are moving into the spotlight. Built on merchant silicon, these network switches offer fewer features than proprietary chips but provide a lower cost and more flexible switching alternative. It also allows network administrators to quickly respond to changing business needs at lower capital costs and reduce the complexity of network operations. In this article, we will introduce FS N5850-48S6Q 10Gb bare metal switch and QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY8 10Gb bare metal switch and compare them for your reference.

What Is FS N5850-48S6Q?

FS N5850-48S6Q switch is a top-of-rack (TOR) or leaf 10Gb bare metal switch in a compact 1U form factor, ideally suited for high performance and programmable data center environments. FS N5850-48S6Q provides 48 SFP+ 10Gb ports and 6 QSFP+ 40Gb ports, and each 40Gb port can be configured as 4x10Gb up to a total system limit of 72 10Gb ports. It performs excellent low latency and power efficiency in a PHY less design while providing high-reliability features such as redundant and hot-swappable power supplies and fans in forward and reverse airflow configurations. The switch supports advanced features such as MLAG, VxLAN, SFLOW, SNMP, MPLS etc, making it ideal for traditional or fully virtualized data centers. FS N5850-48S6Q 10gbe switch supports current and future data center requirements, including an x86-based control plane for easier integration of automation tools, an ONIE installer for 3rd party network operating systems and compatibility with Software Defined Networks via OpenFlow 1.3.11. Additionally, FS N5850-48S6Q supports the advanced hardware-based VXLAN feature to support over 16M virtual networks.

altFS N5850-48S6Q vs QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY8 10Gb Bare Metal Switch

What Is QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY8?

QuantaMesh T3048-LY8 switch is a 10Gb bare metal switch in a compact 1U form factor for higher performance, increased availability, lower latency, and better serviceability. It supports 48 SFP+ (1/10GbE speed) and 6 QSFP+ (10/40GbE speed) ports. By leveraging the new generation merchant silicon chips, QuantaMesh T3048-LY8 is a high-performance, high-density Ethernet switch, which is affordable and can be used to deploy data center infrastructure. By preloading the ONIE (Open Network Installation Environment), QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY8 provides flexibility and allows choice of network operating system supported by ONIE installer. The CPU board design allows QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY8 to install different CPUs in order to meet software requirements. This provides an agile installation process and faster response for the changing business demands.

altFS N5850-48S6Q vs QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY8 10Gb Bare Metal Switch

FS vs QuantaMesh 10Gb Bare Metal Switch

Based on the above information, we have formed a general cognition of FS and QuantaMesh 10Gb bare metal switches. we learn that the two switches have similar functions and structures, but their performances are different. What are the differences? Let’s look at the chart below.

Names FS N5850-48S6Q QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY8
Ports 48 48
Switch Chip Trident 2 BCM56854 Broadcom StrataXGS Trident2
Switching Capacity 1.44Tbps Full-duplex 1440Gbps
CPU Intel Rangeley C2538 2.4Ghz 4-core Intel Atom Processors
Forwarding Rate 1 Bpps 1071Mpps
Latency 680ns <600ns
Flash Storage Memory 16GB SSD 8GB Micro SD
Jumbo frame 9K Bytes 12K Bytes
Airflow Design Back-to-Front Both Directions
Compatible Software Option Cumulus Linux, ICOS, Open Network Linux, PicOS Cumulus Linux, Open Network Linux, QNOS, OF-DPA

Which One Is Better for You?

As can be seen from the above comparison, FS N5850-48S6Q and QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY8 both perform well in high performance and programmable data center environments. If you want to choose between them, there are other conditions you can think about. In terms of price, QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY8 is priced at US$5,700, whereas FS N5850-48S6Q has a more attractive price of $2,999. If your budget is tight, FS N5850-48S6Q 10Gb bare metal switch may be a good choice for you. Another concern for consumers is the warranty. As we all know, high-quality products usually provide excellent after-sales service to enhance their reputation. For both products, QuantaMesh only offers a three-year lifetime warranty, while FS offers a five-year lifetime warranty. In contrast, FS seems to be more concerned about the rights of consumers. Therefore, if you want a cost-effective 10Gb bare metal switch with better service, FS N5850-48S6Q 10Gb bare metal switch will be your best choice.


FS N5850-48S6Q 10Gb bare metal switch belongs to FS N-Series switches and is designed for next-generation metro, data center and enterprise network applications. Apart from that, FS also provides a variety of port switches such as 32 port switch, 48 port switch etc. just for your needs. If you would like to bring a bare metal switch to your network, contact us at FS.COM.

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