Overview PLC Splitters—Main Feature And Common Kinds

PLC Splitter (Planar waveguide Circuit) are developed using silica glass waveguide circuits and aligned fiber pigtails, divide a single/dual optical input(s) into multiple optical outputs uniformly. PLC splitter is designed for FTTx Passive Optical Networks, CWDM, DWDM and optical cable TV System, which is widely used in FTTX developments, PON networks, CATV links and optical signal distribution currently.

Splitters contain no electronics and use no power. They are the network elements that put the passive in Passive Optical Network and are available in a variety of split ratios, including 1:8, 1:16, and 1:32. The PLC splitters provide low-cost solution for optical signal distribution in PON network, with small form factor and superb reliability, meets various application requirements in different environments. The high quality performance including low insertion loss, low PDL, high return loss and ideal uniformity more than a wide wavelength range between 1260 nm to 1620 nm, and operate in temperature from -40℃ to 85℃.

PLC splitter is a high quality passive device. It is especially for passive internet (EPON, BPON, and GPON). The different splitter package meet people’s different requirement. There are three common used PLC Splitters, including bare PLC splitter, Blockless PLC Splitter and Rack Mount PLC Splitter

Bare PLC splitter
Standard plc bare fiber splitter are with equal slitting ratio in 1XN and 2XN structure, 1X2,1×4, 1×8,1×16, 1×32 and 1×64 PLC Splitters, 2×4, 2×8, 2×16, 2×32 bare fiber PLC splitters.
Bare Fiber PLC Splitter Features:
Low insertion loss;
Low excess loss;
Low Polarization Dependent Loss;
High directivity;
Long haul reliability;
Customer defined specifications.

Bare Fiber PLC Splitter Applications:
Fiber to The Point (FTTX);
Fiber to The Home (FTTH);
Passive optical networks(PON);
Local Area Networks (LAN);
Cable Television (CATV);
Test Equipment.

Blockless PLC Splitter
Blockless PLC Splitter uses PLC & Package technology to split one wavelength into many ports, from 4 way to 32 way. It has no fan-out block so you can save space and achieve smaller splitter modules.

Rack Mount PLC Splitter
19″ standard Rack Mount PLC Splitter is a key component in FTTH and is responsible to distribute the signal from CO to numbers of premises. The highly stable splitter performs superbly across temperature and wavelength providing low insertion loss, low input polarization sensitivity, excellent uniformity, and low return loss in configuration of 1×4, 1×8, 1×16, 1×32 and 1×64 port.

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