Opticonx Launched New Micro Distribution Cables

Opticonx, the Putnam, Connecticut-based manufacture of high-quality passive fiber optic cabling system, announced to have launched a new portfolio of micro-distribution cables. The new cables are the latest addition to the company’s current fiber optic cable product line. These high-density, compact and cost effective micro-distribution cables are provided to better cater for customers’need.

As is expressed by vice president of Opticonx, Brian Keane, the additional of these cable designs compliment their ribbon cable to offer and provide customers with a more complete choice for their pre-terminated, field terminated or fusion spliced installation. The new micro-distribution cable are ideally suitable for high-density pre-terminated MTP trunks, hybrid MTP/LC trunks, and LC/LC trunks for data center applications, besides, they can also be field terminated when used with breakout kits.

The new cable versions offered by Opticonx including the following: optical fiber noncondutive plenum (OFNP) indoor cables, optical fiber conductive plenum (OFCP) indoor armored cables, and optical fiber nonconductive riser (OFNR) indoor/outdoor cables from 2-27 fibers. All are available with OS2 single-mode and OM1-OM4 fibers and can be customized for hybrid single-mode/multimode combinations.

About Opticonx

Opticonx Inc. Designs, manufactures and markets a full line of passive fiber optic connectivity components and systems in Putnam, Connecticut. The Opticonx team is dedicated to incorporating top-notch design with the highest quality components to produce fiber optic connectivity products and solutions for voice, video, and data applications. Opticonx designs and manufacturers all products under one roof, enabling the company offer rapid prototype and time to time market for customer solutions.

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