FiberStore Launches New LSZH Fiber Optic Cable Series

FiberStore is introducing new families of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables. LSZH cable is constructed utilizing the superior design and engineering standards to fit for aerial, direct buried, duct, general purpose horizontal, vertical riser applications.

“For work spaces with strict environment or safety regulations or where ventilation is a concern, FiberStore’s LSZH cables provides a solution that supports both compliance to strict NFPA 70guidelines as well as greatly reduces potentially toxic emissions when subjected to high heat or flame conditions,” stated Wilson John, commercial manager for bulk fiber cable at FiberStore

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LSZH Loose Tube Cables

LSZH Loose Tube Cables are double-Jacket wich are designed for industrial building backbones and harsh environments atyptial of traditional datacom system. With two durable LSZH jackets, these cables are ideal for applications requiring the added mechanical and environmental protection. Double Jacket combines flexibility with extra mechanical protection for a durable, reliable cabling solution that is easy to handle and install. Due to halogens in the jacket compound, these cables pose little risk in the controlled and protected environment of typical building air spaces, such as behind walls, under floors and in conduit.

LSZH cable with Metal Strength member FTTH Cable

LSZH metal strength menber FTTH cable include FTTH indoor cable, drop cable and armored duct cables.

Armored Duct cables are designed for use in direct installation in villas and multi dwelling units. With two parallel Metal strength members ensure good performance of crush resistance to protect the fiber.There was a layer of skin resistance hose and a layer of aluminum tape armored, let the cable can adapt to all kinds of bad environment and artificial damage.

FTTH Drop Cables with two parallel metal strength members ensure good performance of crush resistance to protect the fiber. A steel wire as the additional strength member is also applied to ensure good performance of tensile strength. The LSZH sheathed with high flame resistance enables the FTTH drop cable can operate in high-temperature. This cables is mainly designed for indoor riser level and plenum level cable distribution and between instruments, communciation equipments.

FTTH indoor cables with LSZH jacket are novel flute design with metal strength member. this cable is suitable for indoor and outdoor along the wall, roof, sandwich and duct connected directly cloth fiber optic cable to standard and solid structure design produce communication equipment tail fiber and activity connecting line can be applied directly to the connection between the equipment.

LSZH cable with FRP & KFRP Strength member FTTH Cables

Low smock zero halogen cables FRP & KFRP Strength member FTTH cables also include FTTH indoor, drop, and armored duct types.FTTH indoor cables with LSZH jacket are designed for use in horizontal, vertical, and corner cabling. With two parallel FRP & KFRP strength members to ensure good performance of crush resistance and protect the fiber. Its special low-bend-sensitivity fibers provide high bandwith and excellent communciation transission property.

LSZH Armored FTTH duct cable are designed for use in direct installation in villas and multi dwelling units. There are a layer of skiin resistance hose land a lay of alluminum tape armored, let the cable can adapt to all kinds of bad environment and artifical damage. Two sheath of the cables will protect the FTTH duct cables from Rat bit and other damage.

FTTH drop cable with FRP & KFRP stength member is optical communication unit in the center, which can realized the telephone, data, cable TV’s combinatiion of three nets and video monitoring. With small diameter, water-resistant, soft and bendable featuers, the cable is suitable for plenum level cable distributin and indoor riser levels as well as installations between instruments and communications equipments.

Besides, FiberStore also provides single mode gel-filled ribbon LSZH indoor/outdoor riser cables. These cables can maximized the use of criticl dust space with excellent installtion results as their smallest and lightes standard. The precise fiber and ribbon geometries result in excellent mass splicing yields. Cables are available in preconnectiorized assemblies which made easy field installation and reduced labor costs.

All of FiberStore low smoke halogen free cables sare customizable with options of different jacket & fiber colors, fiber counts, sheath materials and cables length. Fore more informations about Fiberstore LSZH fiber optic cable and other, please visit

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