FiberStore Introduced the New 10G OM3 Indoor Outdoor Plenum Distribution Cables

FiberStore introduces the new 10G OM3 Indoor/Outdoor plenum distribution cables, which are ideal for networking in ducts, risers, and air handing spaces where small size, lightweight, and versatile installation capacity are required.

FiberStore has updated its line of OM3 OM4 10G fiber cables with the new OM3 Indoor/Outdoor Plenum distribution cables. The new simplex to 24 strand multimode 50/125 10G OM3 indoor/outdoor plenum distribution cables supports installation where small size, lightweight, and versatile installation capability are required for ducts, risers, and air handing spaces.

This distribution plenum rate fiber optic cable is composed of 2 to 24 colored tight buffers, plus the high specific strength-to-weight radio and compact cable design for limited conduit space and tight bends in long cable pulls, allowing designers, installers and operators of enterprise networks to use multimode optical fiber in a package that is easier to handle and install.

Based on 900 μm tight buffered designs, FiberStore’s Indoor/Outdoor Plenum cable eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming installation of fanout kits or pigtail splices since the connectors terminate directly to the fiber. The outer jacket is moisture, fungus and UV-resistant, making FiberStore Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Distribution Cable reliable for both outdoor and underground buried-duct applications.

“With a strong focus on engineering and design, FiberStore continually works on improving our solutions by listening to our customer base. The new design of the indoor/outdoor plenum-rated cable was a direct result of customer feedback in order to meet the need for networking in areas with limited space or tight bends. ” explained Thomas Cole, commercial manager for enterpriser cables at FiberStore. “Our updated family of Indoor/Outdoor plenum-rated cables provides a sound building block for those networks.”

The new Indoor/Outdoor Plenum distribution cable is suitable for spaces requiring plenum, riser, general purpose and outside plant UL flame ratings. Available in single-mode and multimode, including laser-optimized 50 μm OM3, cables within the family are also available with options up to 24 fibers and customized fiber or sheath colors, sheath material and cables length.

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