CCTV Tester Of Maintenance Equipments

In Closed circuit television (CCTV) installation, testing is very important to complete the project on agreed deadline and not to overspend or duplicate the work. And the CCTV tester is the useful tool for CCTV system, which is experiencing a leap in technology using digital techniques and the Internet. A CCTV tester is a device with a small screen and facilities to test coaxial cable, RJ45, cameras, PTZ, microphones and monitors. It is a handy tool in testing signal strengths and any signal short circuit. CCTV tester now had been developed and designed to be small, lightweight potable and comes with LCD monitor, so using a tool like this makes set up and debugging your CCTV system easier.

3.5 inch CCTV Security Tester STest-893 with PTZ Controller and Power Supply

No matter you are DIY Your home security system or working as a CCTV technician, CCTV tester is the tool to give you the ability to set field of view, adjust focus, pan, tilt, zoom, and troubleshoot power, video, and audio connections etc. From the CCTV tester you can know the current situation, including the details of CCD cameras, lenses, coaxial cables, fiber-optics, and system design. What’s more, CCTV tester is expanded to cover all video compression techniques used in the ever increasing assortment of digital video recorders (DVRs) available in the market. It also serves to clarify the technology of data networking.

There are various types of CCTV testers, and I would like to introduce the CCTV Security Tester STest-893 as an example.

CCTV Security Tester STest-893 with PTZ Controller and Power Supply Features:

3.5″TFT-LCD, 960 (H) × 240(V) resolution;
DC12V power output;
Audio input;
Adjustable brightness, contrast, color of LCD;
Video Level testing, video signals measured in IRE or mV;
Automatically identify and adapt the video mode of NTSC and PAL;
Colorbar Video signal generator, transmit/receive colorful images;
Support more than twenty kinds of PTZ controller protocols. For example, PELCO-P, PELCO-D, SAMSUNG, etc;
PPTZ address scanning, search up the ID of PTZ camera;
Capture the PTZ protocol to assist the setting personnel to find out the control protocol and therefore easily target the problematic equipment;
Support RS232 and RS485 interface, the rate 150-19200bps;
Powerful in testing LAN cable, measuring the connecting status and displaying the sequence of connection;
PTZ(P/L & Zoom) Control: Control the status of P/L, zoom in/out the camera, adjust the aperture, foci and setting parameters, run and call the preset;
Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries (3.7V DC3000mAh), more reliable, and work 15 hours;
Easy for use that the train is almost unnecessary.

CCTV tester can be used for displaying video, controlling PTZ, generating images, capturing data of RS485 and testing LAN cable etc. Its functions, easy operation, and convenient portability enable it simple for the contractor to install and maintain the video camera, promote working efficiency and cost-down the expenditure of the project. Fiberstore is a professional fiber optic testers supplier, you also can find other maintenance equipments like adsl testcable fault locator, etc.