MPO/MTP Fiber Interconnection Products FAQs

The increasing demand on today’s higher fiber counts has exploded the development of multi-fiber technology. FiberStore is one of the main manufacturing of MPO/MTP fiber patch cable and cassettes, and many other MPO/MTP fiber interconnection products, which engineers unique MTP solutions using 12, 24, 48 and even 72 fiber MTP ferrules.

What is an MTP Trunk Cable?
An MTP trunk cable provides 12 to 144 fibre connectivity, by using 12-fibre push/pull optical connectors, it minimized errors and reduced spaces. The MTP trunk cable allows for lower bend radii and smaller slack loops. It enables up to 6x the cable tray capacity over traditional bulkier cabling solutions, saving up to 65 percent space. MPO trunk cable features round furcation legs that provide easy routing and improved storage. With the small profile furcation plug, it allows stress free cable mounting, leaves no legs outside the housing and shipped with strain-relief mounting cradles.

What is MTP Extender/MTP Extension Trunk?
The MTP extension Trunk extend subsets of links from zone distribution into equipment zones, which feature pinned (male) MTP connector on one end and non-pinned (female) MTP connectors on the other. It pinned MTP side mates with trunks via MTP connector panels, while not pinned MTP side plugs into modules or harnesses.

What is MTP couplers?
MTP couplers are simple plastic rectangles that hold two MTP connectors together. One cable going into an MTP coupler needs to have a male connector. The other cable must have a female connector. MTP couplers can be either key-up to key-up, or key-up to key-down. MTP cable has a clip on the top of the connector. On a key-up to key-up coupler, the clips are pointed in the same direction on both of the cables. On a key-up to key-down coupler. On a key-up to key-down coupler, the clips are on opposite sides. This also affects the polarity of the signal. Key-up to key-up couplers invert polarity. Key-up to key-down couplers retain the original polarity. This was initially counter-intuitive to me. It made sense once I thought about it though.

What is MTP harness?
An MTP harness breaks out 12 fiber MTP terminations into LC duplex connectors. It connects to trunks through a pinned MTP connector plug into dual fiber electronics ports with LC uniboot duplex connectors. It is occupying less space than 6 duplex jumpers improve airflow for cooling efficiency. By easing handling of cable connections on high-fibre count SAN directors and switch blades, it enables higher density in equipment patch panels. MTP harnesses are available in two lengths: short harness legs for minimal cable slack and long harness legs for mounting flexibility within a cabinet.

FiberStore Announces New Product Release of MPO/MTP Product Group

FiberStore In. announced today the release of a full suite of MPO/MTP products that is designed to support the next generation of high density fiber network. The new product group includes MPO/MTP patch cords, truck assemblies, fan-out assemblies and related distribution hardware. The creation of new MPO products makes FiberStore a key player in high density fiber developments, allowing FiberStore provide complete solutions for customers.

MTP/MPO fiber cables, trunk assemblies, fan-out assemblies, and related distribution hardware are designed to support next generation high density fiber networks. High density MPO rack mount panel and cassettes transition MPO style connectors to Duplex LC pairs, allowing direct connection to network resources. Up to 144 LC connectors can be deployed in one rack unit. MPO fiber cassettes are also available in standard LGX footprint.

FiberStore’s MPO cassette provides a seamless connection between MPO backbone cables and SC or small form factor LC patching in the network environment. This pre-terminated modular system is easily deployed and simplifies future expansions and modifications. In one cassette option, the MPO adapter is uniquely positioned at the back of the cassette with a downward angle to provide a more optimal orientation for routing. MPO cassettes are ideally suitable for data centers, enterprise, and datacom networks.

Included in the distribution hardware release is a high density option that allows for higher density deployment of fibers currently available in the industry. The high density MPO rack mounts panel and cassettes transition MPO style connectors Duplex LC pairs, allowing for direct connection to network resources. Up to 144 LC connectors can be deployed in a single rack unit. The MPO fiber cassettes are also available in the standard LGX footprint.

FiberStore is recognized as a leader in the fiber optic marketplace. Founded in 2001, FiberStore made it a mission to provide customers with fiber optic products that far exceed industry standards. The company’s diverse product portfolio includes fiber optic cable, optical fiber patch cable, transmission and substation accessories, outside plants equipment, connection, fusion splicers, testing equipment, etc. More on product informations and custom availabilities, please visit

MPO Cabling System

The MPO (multi-fibre push-on) cabling system is an easy-to-use solution based on a high density connector and ribbon-fiber cables with 12 cores. These plug and play solutions use micro core cable to maximize bend radius and minimize cable weight and size. Available in 12 core configuration, MPO assemblies are designed for high density application which offers excellent benefits in terms on-site installation time and space saving. These plug and play solutions use micro core cable to maximize bend radius and minimize cable weight and size.

MPO Assemblies

MPO Connector
MPO connectors contact usually 12 fibers in a single connection. A connection must be stable and its ends correctly aligned. These aspects are essential for achieving the required transmission parameters.

Therefore MPO connectors are available in a male version (with pins) or a female version (without pins). The pins ensure that the fronts of the connectors are exactly aligned on contact and that the end-faces of the fibers are not offset.

MPO Cable
MPO cable requires greater care in planning in advance, but it has a number of advantages: short installation times, tested and guaranteed quality and great reliability.

MPO Trunk Cable
MPO trunk cable serves as a permanent link connecting the MPO modules to each other. Trunk cables are available with 12 fibers. Their ends are terminated with 12-fiber MPO connectors female version (without pins).

Fan-Out Cable
Fan-Out cables are used for the connection of a MPO cable to standard-density connectors, usually to 12 LC connectors.

MPO Adapters
Adapters are used to connect two MPO connectors. They enforce that both keys are up. So the two connectors are connected while in the same position in relation to each other.

The key point of each installation is to ensure the correct wiring from transceiver to receiver. In case of using a set of cassettes, trunk cables and duplex patch cords – you need to follow a certain guideline for the polarity method of the trunk cables. The case described in the graphic is a method according to the polarity, means the duplex fibre optic jumper cables must be CROSS connected on one side and STRAIGHT connected on the second side.

Connection rules
a) When creating an MPO connection, always use one male connector and one female connector plus one MPO adapter.
b) Never connect a male to a male or a female to a female.
With a female-to-female connection, the fiber cores of the two connectors will not be at the exact same height because the guide pins are missing. That will lead to losses in performance.
A male-to-male connection has even more disastrous results. There the guide pins hit against guide pins so no contact is established. This can also damage the connectors.
c) Never dismantle an MPO connector.
The pins are difficult to detach from an MPO connector and the fibers might break in the process.

MPO fiber are available in lengths of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 meters, custom lengths are available on request. MPO trunk cables are available in single mode, multimode OM1, OM2, OM3 or OM4 with LSZH or PVC Jackets.

FiberStore Plug-and-Play Solutions

Broadcast facilities operate at very high levels of reliability and demand design flexibility to easy accommodate frequent adds and changes to equipment. Managing thousands of cables, should always be a high priority for the network engineer – particularly for maximizing system performance and uptime.

FiberStore plug-and-play solutions are designed to address the reliability, scalability, and thermal needs of today’s mission-critical master control. These solutions promote increased reliability of broadcast centers through properly managed and scalable cable density, which encourages proper airflow and reduces overall installation and maintenance costs.

FiberStore latest introduced optical distribution frame with plug-and-play (MPO) cassettes is the highest density optical distribution frame solution available today. It efficiently manages up to 1,728 fiber terminations using the 144-position block in a single frame in either a cross-connector or inter-connection design. It incorporates the fundamentals of cable management while using the industry’s highest fiber counts MPO plug-and-play cassettes.

One of the most common questions regarding MPO deployments is how the system design addresses the polarity issue of the fiber. Plug-and-play trunks use a key up/key down fiber array. The plug-and-play cassettes are wired straight through. In addition, duplex jumpers have a duplex clip that is easily removed for polarity changes in the field.

MPO Trunk Cables
FiberStore plug-and-play trunk assembles are round 12 fiber optical trunk cables pre-terminated with a high-density MPO fiber connector on both ends. They can be used in conjunction with any of the other plug-and-play connectivity products to rapidly deploy fiber into a broadcast center. The Microcable assemblies can simply be plugged into any plug-and-play cassette in the optical distribution frame or fiber enclosure which eliminates the need for on-site fiber termination and preparation.

High Fiber Count Trunk Cables
FiberStore high fiber count plug-and-play trunks provide the backbone cabling for a plug-and-play system. These high count trunk cables come pre-terminated with a high-density MPO connectors on both ends and provide an easy and efficient way to pull large numbers of fibers at one time to help in the rapid deployment of a plug-and-play system. Each trunk has custom breakouts designed to work with the TE plug-and-play connectivity. High count trunks can simply be plugged into any plug-and-play cassette in the optical distribution frame or fiber enclosure which eliminates the need for on-site fiber termination and preparation.

MPO Hybrid Harness Cables
FiberStore 12 fibres plug-and-play hybrid harness cables provide a convenient and efficient method to connect active equipment into the network. These 12 fiber round 3mm cables contain a pre-terminated high density MPO pinned connector on one end and either LC or SC connectors o the other. The 12 fiber plug-and-play array cables assemblies can simply be plugged into any plug-and-play cassette in the optical distribution frame or fiber enclosure which eliminates the need for on-site fiber termination and preparation.

For assistance customizing your MPO plug-and-play solutions, please email to

The Next Generation MPO Based Multimode Fiber Architecture

For high density fiber environment, such as data center SAN and backbone implementation, the combination of the 12 fiber MPO fiber connector and factory terminated assembly is a great solution. The cable diameter is small and the architecture doesn’t limit network design flexibility, application distance, reliability, or number of connections.

MPO is compatible ribbon fiber connectors based on MT ferrule which allow quick and reliable connection for up to 12 fibers. It is manufactured specially for multi-fiber loose tube or fiber optic ribbon cable. Up to 12 fibers in a ribbon are stripped to 125um cladding and inserted into 250um spaced parallel grooves. The MPO enables you to connect many fibers in a snap, but it is not easy to terminate 12 fibers in one rectangular housing. Thanks to the appearance of pre-terminated cable assemblies, with 12 pre-terminated fibers, MTP brand cable is easily connected up to 12 different ports by a simple plug-in, which significantly saved the time to get the revenue-generation applications up and actually generating revenue much faster.

The typical fiber application runs on duplex fiber, one TX and one RX, making the multi-fiber backbones must be broken out into duplex connections on either end. With pre-terminated modules and fan-out assemblies, the task is accomplished easily. Once installed, the solution appears and behaves just like a well-planned duplex system. What’s more, with the correct MPO architecture, people will no longer worry about those dreaded polarity issues – TX will always go to RX. And the days of trouble-shooting by flipping path cable polarity may disappear forever!

As we know, new 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet standards are based on parallel optics using the 12 fiber MPO connector as the equipment interface. It is very convenient and cost-effective the MPO
architecture can easily migrate to these new high-speed applications. Provide you’v chosen the right keying approach (TIA method B). When the equipment starts showing up with MPO interfaces, simply remove the module for fan-out, use those somewhere else at your side, and connect to the equipment with a 12 fiber MPO patch cords. You can even do a full cross-connect if you like ue structured cabling around 12-fiber increments.

In the end, recommend a good place to buy the MPO architecture products FS.COM, one good fibre optic cable manufacturers, from which you can by a wide range of MTP/MPO products including MTP/MPO connectors, MTP/MPO cassettes and many types of trunk cable assemblies. Many additional options and combinations are available and all multi fiber optic cables are customizable.