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July 31, 2012

Fiber Optic Media Converter

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Fiber optic media converter
Fiber optic media converter, also known as fiber transceivers or ethernet media converters, are simple networking devices that make it possible to connect two dissimilar media types such as twisted pair such as Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable with fiber optic cabling. They are important in interconnecting fiber optic cabling-based systems with existing copper-based, structured cabling systems.

By making this transition, media converters allow organizations to extend old legacy networks with the latest technology, instead of being tied to what the network was started with. Or even worse, throwing out the old network and starting from scratch. For example, fiber optic media converters allow standard copper based Cat5 and Cat6 LAN networks to work with a fiber optic back bone which provides much higher bandwidth.

Media conversion types
Fiber media converter support many different data communication protocols including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, T1/E1/J1, DS3/E3, as well as multiple cabling types such as coax, twisted pair, multi-mode and single-mode fiber optics. Media converter types range from small standalone devices and PC card converters to high port-density chassis systems that offer many advanced features for network management.
Media Converter is normally used in the actual network environment that the Ethernet cable can’t cover, and have to use optic fiber to extend the transmission distance. The low loss and high electric magnetic resistance of fiber make the network transmission distance from 100m to 120km, and also improve the data communication quality. At the same time, it plays an important role in connecting the last-mile fiber cable to MAN or more outer layer network.

As the main supplier of fiber optic networks products in China, Ingellen offers kinds of fiber optic media converters, such as 10/100M fiber media converter, 10/100/1000M Ethernet media converter, SFP optic media converter, media converter chassis and media converter with 2 Fiber Ports & 3 TP Ports. In the coming future, we will push SNMP management media converter, 802.3ah OAM-Compliant media converter, power source equipment, powered device, fiber optic modem, etc. into market.

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